After all the parties, graduations, holidays, long work days, and some good ‘ol procrastination, I’m back! Yes, it’s been too long, and I apologize. Sometimes you just don’t feel like picking it up to play, other times you do, and I don’t end up posting a comment or video. I should be trying harder to play more often. That’s really the only way to build my skills. That’s the honest truth, for what it’s worth.

So today, Mike, Scott, and I got together for a couple hours, worked on one song, and posted it to YouTube. We were happy with the results, and after a few takes, tweakes, and trials, we ended up with the final product. This was hard work, and we were just covering a song – not even writing one from scratch!


I recorded two versions, or takes, as you will. Enjoy!

First take:

Second take:

As I’ve mentioned before, I haven’t been playing much that often, but I took the time over the past couple days to learn something new. Yesterday I had some high and low points, including wanting to give up completely and then feeling like I could play anything! Sometimes though with me, I start off playing well, but then my fingers start to hurt, I start buzzing strings, then before you know it, I can’t take it anymore!

Today I wanted to learn a new song, just for the sake of variety, as always. Tried a couple fun tunes I already “know” (read as, I can recall the strumming and play it to some extent). I found a nice video from Marty on YouTube for Coldplay, Viva La Vida. Seemed fun and kinda simple. I actually learned it fairly quickly! AND, took video! Yes, I will be uploading it soon, and hopefully I don’t embarrass myself too much. Then again, what’s the fun of it all if you can’t embarrass yourself every now and again! Look for the video soon.

Last night, we (Christina my wife, brother-in-law Mike, and his fiance Molly) headed to Salt to get some good food and listen to some good acoustic music by Jon Wozniak. Of course while I’m there, I’m already thinking of why I haven’t been playing guitar much that often. Part of it is sometimes I’m just really not in the mood, or I’ve got a ton of other things that I should be doing (around the house, etc). Mike is telling me how he’s been making great progress, and how I gotta get back into the swing of things. Just pick up the damn thing and play! Anyways, we had a great time, and even ran into other people we know.

I might have some time later to try this whole video recording thing again. I’ve got a couple different ideas, and I’m anxious to post up some new (cover) songs that I’ve been working on. It should be good! Get the laptop set up, maybe even use the new amp – tune up and rock out!

You know what they say… “he who procrastinates… doesn’t play well”! Sorry, couldn’t resist the dry humor.

I haven’t touched the guitar in a couple weeks, mainly due to this bad neck sprain that I had. I finally got over it, and wanted to play a bit last night. I felt like such a newbie! Fingers were starting to hurt again, chords sounded bad, some muscle memory lost, etc. It really made me feel bad for not playing for so long. I guess it’s not exactly like “riding a bike” where you can pick it up and get right back into it.

I played for a few hours, trying to learn some new songs, and get better at the ones I know a bit of. I also recorded some videos with a new web cam, but it didn’t get any sound! I didn’t know this until it was too late and I was ready to pack it in for the night. I didn’t feel like trying to fix the audio problem, then re-record everything again. Oh well, I’ll get on it again this week.

I’ve added a Twitter widget on the right sidebar for quick access to my twitter updates. You can follow me here. Now I can post quick messages through Twitter on-the-go, along with full-length posts on the left side, which you’ve been keeping up with already.

Thanks again for checking out my blog! More musical posts to come soon!

– Jason

I wanted to send a huge thank you to Bob at GDS Computer Services for helping to modify one of his existing themes (the one I had previous to this) to what it is today. The colors and layout are fantastic – thanks again, Bob!

Thank you everyone for all of your comments! I never expected to see so many on here! I really do appreciate the feedback and the kind words. I’ll try to post up more videos again soon!

– Jason

Yesterday I stopped by my local music store, Ritchie’s Music in Rockaway, New Jersey. I can’t tell you the last time I was there, and the store is close to my father’s store that I work at on Saturday’s. Heading over to their acoustic guitar area, I’m checking out their selection, and see a nice little amp for sale, on sale! A salesman helped me out with it, and let me mess around a bit with a guitar so I can hear how it sounded. Another guy came in, and we started talking a bit, and all playing a bit of guitar.

I decided then that I wanted to buy this little amp, because it would be perfect to have for around the house. When I got home with it, I hooked it right up, and it sounded great! It was a nice little investment to my new hobby. Now I’ve got a great hard-case that my wonderful wife bought me for Christmas/Anniversary present and the new amp – I’m set! Now I just need to improve my skills in playing better!

The new amp – Ibanez Troubadour T10


Oh yeah, I saw this guitar for sale, but obviously didn’t come home with that too!

Yeah, sounds silly, but while I wait for the snow to build up even higher, I thought I’d take advantage of the time and play some guitar and learn some new songs. The webcam is having some issues, but this is what I’ve been working on:

Queen – Crazy Little Thing Called Love

Green Day – Boulevard of Broken Dreams

Queen – Another one Bites the Dust

Thanks Marty, for your great videos!

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